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Laser Hair Removal Kansas City

Regular Price List

Additional Information

           $50  Lip--upper lip area only, no other area included, such as, does not include nasal or other facial areas

           $70  Chin--area under lower lip, and no more than 2 inches under chin jaw line, no other area included, such as, does not include neck area, or other facial area, does not include upper lip.

           $110 Lip & Chin--area described above, no other area included

           $175 Lower 1/2 (lower one-half of face)--includes lip, chin, lower cheeks, side burn area (no other area included)

           $120 Side burn area only, two inch strip on each side of lateral cheek (includes both sides), no other area included

           $200 Anterior Neck area (no other area included, does not include chin, facial, chest, shoulder areas)

           UPPER TORSO:
           $110  Areola (nipple area only), includes both sides

$120  Sternum (area between breasts)

           $175  Shoulders (from above clavicle on front to upper glenoid ridge, does not include back or down arms), ($125 when done at same time as back hair removal)

$375 Chest and Abdomen (clavicle to standard belt or waist line, mid-axillary line laterally )

$200 Chest   (lower clavicle down to bottom of sternum, to anterior axillary line)

$200 Abdomen (bottom of sternum/rib cage to standard belt or waist line to      anterior axillary line)

$375  Back  (average sized male, anatomical back from bottom of shoulder, it is extra for shoulder ($125 when done with the back) (no other area included)  (See coupon)

Please call the office at (913) 962-1869 for appointments. Call to take advantage of our complimentary laser technician consultations!

           LOWER TORSO:

           $200  Bikini line/Pubic triangle - lateral groin areas and as desired upper pubic hair shaping and reduction, includes lateral groin with up to 2 inches maximum into thigh area (female patients only)
           .(does not include buttock hair, peri-anal, linea, or inside labia)

Abdominal Lineal Line:
           $90 Linea (the line from the start of upper pubic hair to navel, up to 3 inches W x 6 inches L)
           $150 Linea (the line from the start of upper pubic hair to bottom of the xiphoid, up to 3 inches W x 12 inches L)

           Note:  We do not treat buttock areas.  We do not treat eyebrow areas, or forehead, or scalp areas.  We do not treat genitalia.  We do not go over tattoos with hair removal systems.  Please tell us if their is any cosmetic tattoo ink. 

Please call the office at (913) 962-1869 for appointments. Call to take advantage of our complimentary laser technician consultations!

           $110   Axillae (both underarms)

           $200   Hands and fingers - dorsal surface to start of wrist flexure

           $200  Feet and toes ventral surface to top of tarsal bones, includes both sides

           $100  Toes ventral surface (includes both feet)

           $200   Female Legs(both)- from 2 inches above Knee to ankle only (no thighs, no feet) includes both legs, average size person (genetic female only, skin types  I thru IV since we use the Vectus laser). (See coupon)

           $400  Female Legs and Thighs--from area of lower groin where it meets the thigh and down to the ankle, both sides included (genetic female only, skin types I through IV only, since we use the Vectus laser). (See coupon)

           Some areas may only be done if we think it appropriate and has a good chance of working on the area.  Many factors effect hair reduction and some of them are:  color of the hair, genetics, hormones, hormonal syndromes, certain cultures and ethic groups have more familial hair growth tendencies, skin colors effect on lasers, and other issues.

NOTICE:  Prices are all based on "average size person" being the minimum price of a service we will perform, based on average surface area to be treated, larger or taller persons will cost more because of greater surface area for the lasers to cover.  For various technical and office reasons some areas are only done with one type of laser or system.  Thus, for technical and medical reasons we must limit skin types for some areas done and we limit some areas because of technical, medical, hormonal, or reasons because of cost and/or difficulty. We are treating skin types I, II, III, and IV.  On average five to nine sessions are usually done in a series to get the best effect possible.They must be done at fairly regular intervals or too many hair cycles are missed that can effect results.

We do not treat genetic male arms or forearms, legs or thighs for medical and technical reasons.  We do not treat female arms or forearms.

We do not treat buttocks, anal areas, genitalia.  We do not treat forehead, ears, around eyebrows, nose or scalp areas for medical and technical reasons. 

**large surface areas can be extra charge, ** (technician-performed) .**We do not prep or shave areas, this must done at home by you prior to your treatment, generally shave or trim area 24 hours prior to a treatment session.  There can be an extra charge if we have to shave or prep areas.

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